Delivering your Multitrack
Songs to your customers.
User Profiles
Master Key
Windows 10, 8, 7
    (32-64 bit)
After working for hours and hours on your masterpiece, wouldn't it be rewarding
to actually hear all the work put into it? A simple MP3 won't deliver this quality.
One MP3  is equal to 1 stereo compressed track.
Imagine selling 8-16 tracks divided by sections into one single file.
Give your customers remix, master, tempo and pitch control all in the same file.
Also saving mixdowns as a final project.
Send your beautiful work from your studio to theirs.

MP3? Try Multitrack, Hear the difference.
How this works?
After submitting your audio, we wrap it inside the ellV-Mixer for you to sell anywhere.
What you get?
Mixdown and Mastering Setup Program included. Unlimited licenses offline for each song you submit, Master Key Application (License Generator), and your Multitrack Song (One single exe file).
Turn around time: 5 to 10 business days.
Moniter the progression of your project in My Projects tab
Own a shopping cart
ellV-Mixer Shopping Cart Plugin, Music Store inside of ellV-Mixer (Optional).
We can also create a personal music store for all your multitrack projects.

When ordering, refer to the more themes tab and choose one theme by number.
We prepare your Multitrack Songs
ready for distribution
My Project Multitrack Song Moniter
How to submit your Multitrack Songs?  Download a PDF file.
Theme #1
Theme #2
Theme #3
Theme #4
About Producer
Shopping Cart
New Softwares

Multitrack Song USB Dongle License
ellV-Mixer USB Dongle License for the distribution of your Multitrack Songs.
With the USB Dongle license you will have the opportunity to distribute your Multitrack Songs on CD's or DVD's to your customers.
The ellV-Mixer USB Licenses will be available in 2017.
We are curently working on an offline licenses for your Multitrack Songs.
ellV-Mixer User Profiles Application
Delivering your Multitrack Songs to your customers.
Sell your Multitrack Songs through ellV-Mixer.
Sell your Songs in any digital downlodable product store.
Click on the picture to zoom in a large picture
Click on the picture to zoom in a large picture
Click on the picture to zoom in a large picture
User Profiles Application (Optional).
Download ellV-Mixer and a Free Song


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